Surroundinq’s Staff Application | EU


New member
What is your Minecraft Username?:

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How old are you?:

What makes you stand out from others?:

Personally I would consider myself to be a very hard-working person, I like to deal with situations when they occur and not to let them expand. I will dedicate my time to clearing up hackers and making sure no cheaters are on the network. If I do become a staff member, I will treat the server as my “life”. I will do anything to help it keep going and growing. Whenever I am not home but needed I have a laptop which comes with me everywhere so in most cases I should be able to help.

Trustworthy goes with what I've just said. You don't want people who you can't rely on to help the server, you want staff that will dedicate their time and efforts into the server and help it in many ways. I personally will do this.

I consider myself to be a non-toxic person. I don't see the point of being toxic as it gets you nowhere. Non-Toxic links up with maturity, if you respect them they're going to respect you. I will add i do have ly Toxicated sides, i will do my best to change myself

I am very passionate about being kind and responsible with others. If you are truly passionate about what you do in life it could really satisfy you to achieve your ending goal in life. This is why being passionate to others is key to having a successful life.

I personally believe that I am a very mature person and can handle situations almost perfectly and speak with players with at most caution and be able to speak to them about a situation in a calm smooth voice and get their attention and provide support in the most mature manner, if they are my friends, of course, I may screw around a bit but I would make sure that if there was a real player in my channel on Teamspeak or happening to see my chat in game I would make sure to change my attitude and make myself look like an appealing staff member who you can work with easily and look up to and be able to speak to about most issues.

I personally believe that I can be trusted with a lot because I feel that I have a reputation with the servers I’ve staffed for and have been trusted with private documents which are expected not to be leaked to the public, I have not leaked nor will I ever leak a staff guide or private document that I would receive if accepted as a staff member, I would also not lie, honestly in my opinion if you lie and you happen to get caught you are just digging yourself a deeper hole than you already had. If I make a mistake, it’s a mistake and I would let management know if it’s that big of a deal, I have had lots of experience with this.

When staffing a server I believe that you must actively provide support with support rooms and make sure that you are trying to deal with support rooms fast and make sure that you are providing the most support you can provide even if it’s as simple as messaging an Administrator about an issue on the network. I would make sure that I would do my best and work as fast as possible.

What is your timezone?:

What language(s) do you speak?:
Dutch, English

How many hours per day can you dedicate to the server?:
In a regular week, I would say i’m able to dedicate at least 1-3 hours minimum a day.

Do you have a working microphone?:

Are you able to record?:

Why are you applying for (ChaoticMC)?:
I've had a lot of staff experience in the past. Looking back at my experience I reminisce on my time at them. I feel like starting over again because I really miss the experience. After an embarrassing mistake in the past I feel that I learned from my mistake and improved. The experience of being a staff member is even more fun than playing any Gamemode in my opinion. Of course, you can look at the word fun and assume that I mean messing around. It's a strange feeling although logging onto those servers, Helping around, helping people with their needs, whether it be assisting them because a cheater killed them, or just answering simple questions about the rules or even if they would like to know where to apply to become a staff member just like I'm doing right now! I don't want to say that it’s becoming boring. I want to become a staff because I miss the entire aspect of logging on and helping players, talking to new players and gaining a reputation as a helpful staff member who everyone would want to speak to, just because they could get a job done. Of course, I can see many applicants striving to be like this. Whenever I was first staff, I wouldn't ever leave discord or teamspeak.

Do you have any previous experience, if so list the servers and describe what you did in your position:
Forcide, Trial Moderator.

I’ve basically learnt everything from here on how it is to be professional and how to work with hard situations sadly enough I had Resigned. The second time I had joined the Forcide’s team I was demoted, i’ve never really gotten a specifical reason they just answered with me being inactive “I was on a vacation.”

KitmapUS, Moderator/Platform Admin.
This server never teached me anything, it was full of abusive staff members. I’ve told them I was leaving their team due to the unprofessional members on their staff team, they’ve threatened me after words. I had no choice but to expose them after what they had done, this server was used as an IP-FARM Note. This was before I was a Platform Admin and griefed their server which I still regret doing.

HayzePvP, Owner.
I’ve learned all the basics of what an owner has to do. I never got to release this server due to not having enough funds, we had a great and active discord community although we never had the chance of releasing.

AtomHCF, Manager.
The owner, Pharmaceutic, thought he was almighty as a server owner. I had told him I was resigning, I gave him a very good and gentle reason. He tried to blackmail me with some of our DMS we’ve had.

NightmareHCF, Owner/Manager.
NightmareHCF, I don’t have much to say about this except be careful with who you merge or join. The stated owner that screwed me over was one of my older friends, HarmfulAim. About two to three months laters he started the project again. This is where I learned to know Usefullynx, an awesome man. I was offered a manager spot on Nightmare. I had accepted the job, usefullynx and myself became closer to each other as friends we got to know each other eventually it shut down, NightmareHCF never came out officially.

Sorix, Owner/Manager.
Sorix, this was a great opportunity I was offered. I decided to accept the job, I’ve done many things for this server but what I’ve done when I left as an Owner. I wasn’t myself, parts of my past came above as I've been abused many times before in my life. I still have regrets of what I have done to one of the server owners. I've DM’ed him privately on discord and told him I was sorry and had regretted what I've done, despite the fact that it did happen and I am just a human that does something wrong which is normal.

TazeHQ, Manager.
TazeHQ, I had become a Manager due to the server merging with another. Zefly himself was the owner of TazeHQ at that time, eventually I decided to resign due to the server not going to well stuff was going bad

HCDreams, Manager.
This was a server which ended up closing down shortly after my Demotion/Resignation. This server was being led by Dozlin, P71 at this time, I had learned a lot throughout my time being manager not only on how to be a Manager but also how to be an Owner since I parted both roles basically.

WildPrison, Moderator.
Wildprison, This server had pretty much given me a lot of joy. This was the second Prison server I have staffed on, it was all fun but eventually I had decided to resign due to us Mods basically leading the whole staff team/server

ImpactMC, Moderator.
Impact, I enjoyed staffing on here although throughout the many rules within this server I was demoted and banned straight after. I then talked with the owner which we came onto the conclusion that I was demoted for “Inactivity”

AstralPrison, Helper
Astral, I never enjoyed staffing here really.. The server itself wasn’t setup on how anyone wanted it and ended up turning out to eventually be a 1 week map since there went so much wrong. Ended up resigning.

HCRealms, Senior Mod
HCRealms, server never released owned by L00P. He eventually ended up selling it.

ZenPvP, Junior Admin - Manager
I moved roles very quickly, i went from Junior Admin to Senior Admin in around 2 whole months, showing much interest and dedication towards the server.

Is there anything else you'd like us to know?: